Governance of International Rivers in Africa and its Potential in the Nile Basin


The concept “Governance of International Rivers” has emerged strongly in the 20th century due to the manifestations and dynamism of the international system on all the official, academic, and popular levels, and has been extended to the African contexts as an essential approach to the national security and its theories, and a prerequisite for the developmental agendas and their development aspirations, particularly in light of the intensifying environmental, demographic, and economic challenges.The early signs of these challenges appeared in the sixties of the 20th century, after the end of the colonial era, leading to complete models in Senegal and Niger basins or incomplete models in Nile Basin.

Amidst all this, this paper highlights the reality of governance of international rivers in Africa by framing them conceptually, analyzing them academically in the context of Senegal River and Niger River, and monitoring their transformations and potential in Nile Basin.

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