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Nile For Peace Initiative works to ensure peaceful and equitable utilization of, and benefit from, the common international Waters for Sustainable Development. We are a coalition of civil society organizations, academics and experts from the Nile Basin countries and across Africa working for the harmony in sustainably protecting, preserving and utilizing the International Waters for the full development of all citizens.

Our Nile for Peace Initiative works to ensure an effective and equitable use of the River Nile as a gift from God without compromising the lives and livelihoods of any citizen along the Nile Basin.

Formed in April 2021 by participants from 9 of the 11 Nile Basin countries, and later joined by civil society and academics from across Africa the Nile For Peace Initiative draws its vision from the desire to see peaceful co-existence of citizens across Africa especially those who share International waters


We seek to strengthen the role that the Civil Society, the Academia and Practitioners can play in the sustainable use and development of the Nile River and other International Waters as a source of cooperation rather than a source of conflict

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