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Stop the Conflict Over the River Nile

Africa For Peace Want A Peaceful Resolution to This Stand off and Dispute

Egypt, The Sudan and Ethiopia are on the verge of a major conflict over Africa’s River of Peace- River Nile. The Nile has been a source of livelihoods for thousands of years. It has sustained civilizations going back to Biblical years and even before. The Nile has provided sustenance to societies all across Africa. It runs through 11 countries, making it one of the greatest shows of Oneness and interdependence among Africans Yet for the past 11 years the three downstream countries that have lived in harmony for decades, and even centuries, have been threatening each other, in some instances with war, over Grand Ethiopian Millennium Dam (GERD) that is currently under construction on the Blue Nile. Ethiopia plans to begin filling the Dam from June in a process that will take 4-7 years. The Downstream countries want the filling to be spread over 10-15 years.

We want Peace Not Conflict

We want the Nile to be a source of peace and benefit to ALL countries along its path. We want no country to benefit at the cost of lives of another.

We want Progress Towards Peace 11 years Ago!

The failure in negotiations over the past 11 years has caused anxiety and concern. And now it almost threatens to become a source of the first ever Water Wars in Africa. The Nile for Peace Initiative seeks to rally citizens, governments, academic community and civil society around a peaceful resolution of the dispute and disagreement over the Waters of the Nile River. We are working to find a position that will secure the lives and livelihoods of all the Nile Basin Countries. Most importantly we seek to ensure that the three countries of Egypt, The Sudan and Ethiopia do not begin a conflict over a resource that has been the symbol of peace and a source of life for the continent for all these thousands of years.

The Africa Water for Peace Initiative brings together civil society, academicians and thought leaders from ten of the eleven Nile Basin Countries.

Its vision is a sustainable and peaceful use of trans-boundary and international waters across Africa. We seek and are working to bring harmony among Nile Basin Countries to sustainably protect, preserve and effectively utilize the Nile River for the Full Development of all the 270 million citizens who share the benefits of the Nile.

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