Water Confidence-Building Measures .. Prospects for A Peaceful Settlement of GERD Disagreement


Confidence-building measures (CBM) and their implications are growing among international actors as one of the regulating lines of intraregional -interactions: conflict and peace at all international and regional levels since the 1970s to the extent of their advancement at all military and non-military levels, and their inclusion in the final Declaration of Helsinki on August 1, 1975 in the European contexts as well as its African counterpart, the Kampala Document (May 1991).

In this regard, this paper wishes to shed light on the confidence-building measures and the prospects for a peaceful settlement of the GERD by framing “the confidence-building measures conceptually and its projection in water policies, in addition to drawing the limits of development in the Nile Basin and monitoring its effects on the GERD as well as its prospects.

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